Online Coaching

Break down the barriers of traditional PT! Online coaching gives you access to your very own personal trainer and nutrition coach without the time, cost or locational limitations of face-to-face sessions.

How can an online coach can get you the results you want?

The biggest difference between having an online coach and an in-person trainer is the extra accountability. Many people who have traditional personal trainers come to the gym thinking that as long as they attend their session, they will get results.

This is far from the truth. It’s what you’re doing in the time that you don’t see your trainer that has the biggest impact on your results. Not only in terms of what you are eating but also with things like lack of sleep, stress and other obstacles that can impact your ability to get results.

As your online trainer, I check in with you as often as I need to throughout the week to make sure you are sticking to your plan and making the right amount of progress.

I care about you! So long as you are willing to work hard, I will do everything I can to make sure you get the result you’re after. Plus, we get to have some fun together along the way! Win-win!

What is included in your Online Coaching regime?

Initial Consultation

Here I find out everything about your current situation – your goals, your training history, your diet history, what kind of exercise you do now and what your current diet is like. We also discuss your behaviours, both positive and negative, and your lifestyle factors so that your plans can be tailored 100% to YOU.

Custom training Program

This is tailored to your specific situation – whether you need home workouts, or gym workouts, or a mix of both because you travel frequently. If you want to train 3 days a week or 6 days, we can structure your program around that. If you have an injury or any type of health concern, we can work with that too.

Individualised Nutrition Plan

This is not only tailored to your goals and training program, but also your behaviour and lifestyle. This helps you adhere to the plan and stay consistent long term to ensure the best results.

Progress Tracking and Adjustments

You can’t make progress if you are not tracking it! If you hit a plateau, we will make the necessary changes to get your desired progress back on track asap.

Access to me

We check in minimum once a week via email or WhatsApp and if you need a video call, we can arrange that too. Here we will go over the week to ensure you are sticking to your plan, making the right amount of progress and to see if any adjustments are required.

Proper training programs happen in stages, with each phase building on the one before. As your personal fitness coach, I take care of all this for you!

Let’s team up!

Please only apply if you’re ready to commit to becoming the best version of yourself.

Note, this does not automatically mean you will be accepted into my program.

For free information, please refer to my articles and Youtube videos.