Eat More and Lose Fat? Unexpected Outcomes

Eat More and Lose Fat? Unexpected Outcomes

If you had the choice between a certain outcome and an unknown one, what would you pick?

Do you want to get crazy, wild results in your life that don’t make sense but feel wow?

In this article I want to make you think twice about choosing certainty.


Losing Fat On 2600 Cals

It’s often the unexpected outcomes that turn out to be the best.

Chasing certainty is chasing mediocre.

If you want extraordinary, then you’re going to have to chase uncertainty. To get there, you’ll have to do things that don’t necessarily seem logical in the moment.

Because extraordinary isn’t logical. 

At the most basic level, this means you’re going to have to do things others aren’t willing to do.

It could be as simple as:

  • working out when you don’t feel like it,
  • waking up earlier to fit your workouts in,
  • doing things that feel hard at first,
  • investing in coaches/mentors to help guide you,
  • skipping drinks at the party even though everyone else is drinking,
  • having 1 drink instead of 10 because that’s what fits,
  • sticking to the plan even when you feel like it’s not working,
  • sticking to the plan even though your friend is tempting you with a quick fix,
  • tracking your food every day even though your family doesn’t get it,
  • pushing yourself to increase weights when you don’t feel ready…

Your expectations for your results have to line up with your behaviours and actions.

If you want extraordinary then you need to go the extra mile.

You’re going to have to push the limits of your mind.

I am willing to do all of the above and more so you bet I have high expectations of what’s possible for me. Thinking about this excites me enough to do all of these things with ease.

This is the perspective you need to take.

Note that when I say go the extra mile, I don’t mean eating as little as possible or running yourself into the ground if you want to lose fat.

It means doing things differently to what you expect. 


Things Don’t Have to Make Sense 

You can go deeper with this again.

You’re going to have to do things that don’t make sense to get a result that doesn’t make sense.

Extraordinary is not logical! 

In May to July of 2022, I was losing body fat after increasing my calories from 2200 to 2600 a day.

This was unexpected, especially because it goes against all the rules I know. Eating that much should have caused me to gain weight because I didn’t have potential to recomp anymore.

I love breaking rules so this was really fun for me.

The point is, I achieved this result because I was willing to push the boundaries of what I thought was possible.

Yes it was scary the first few days, but I let go of the outcome and trusted I’d be fine no matter what happened.

I was willing to get uncomfortable and gain weight if that’s what ended up happening.

And I was willing to put effort into my training in a different way to what I had done before. That involved more rest! I didn’t know what the result would be, but I trusted that I had to do it to move forward.

The result was something extraordinary.

This wasn’t the first time I started eating more and ended up losing body fat.

That’s how I initially discovered body recomposition at the start of my fitness journey. I went from eating disorder under-eating, to eating more and getting closer to my dream body because I was willing to take a chance.

Before this, if something didn’t make sense to me, I’d avoid doing it.

As a result I missed out on extraordinary things happening in my life even though that’s what I really wanted.

You choose to create magic in your life, or not 

My life has become magical by doing more things that don’t make sense in the moment.


  • Eating more food to lose body fat back at the start of my fitness journey
  • Investing $20k into a mastermind because I felt a pull to do so (even though I didn’t have the money- thanks credit card)
  • Quitting my full time job before my online biz had clients- the universe told me it was time

Looking back, doing these things make sense because I can see how it all worked out for me.

But in the moment I didn’t know what to expect. There were so many fears coming up for me.

We always imagine worst case scenarios.

You have to shift that to “what if it all works out better than I can imagine” scenarios.

Stay there in your mind. Then let your heart take over and listen to that.

Feel the excitement of the unknown rather than the fear of it.

Or, feel the fear but let the excitement take over and lead you.

Doing all of the these things didn’t lead to what my brain was telling me- all my fears = gaining fat, losing money, my biz not taking off…

They led to where I am now= living a life that I love in a body that I love more.


Scary is often the way

Now I’m not telling you to go quitting your job and starting a biz because it worked for me.

It worked for me because I knew it was the right move.

My intuition said yes and I trust that more than anyone else.

But it was a big risk too according to my brain and everything it knew.

Our logical brains want to keep us safe. Our hearts know the way.

If you can shut your brain up and listen to your heart, you’ll be guided in the right direction.

Even though it will seem scary. Even though it probably won’t make sense.

Something I live by now is this:

If it scares you and excites you at the same time, then you should do it.


Get the Right Support!

Most people don’t live like this because they want normal.

If you’re not ok with normal, if you want more, if you want to live a wild, magical existence, then be mindful that people who don’t want this won’t be able to give you the support you’re after.

This often means friends and family (not in all cases but generally) won’t be the best place to get advice from or to lean on for support.

I’ve been life coaching some of my clients recently and something that has been coming up with all of them is this influence.

They tell me things like “I told my friend and her response kinda crushed my dream”, or “I told my partner and he said to just settle down and stay where I’m at”.

Friends and family are not always going to understand your crazy dreams.

They’ll likely talk you out of it because of their own fears and limiting beliefs. They’ll tell you to play it safe or settle down.

You’ll have your own limiting beliefs that come up too.

You have to eliminate them either working with someone or by yourself. But don’t let your friends and family add to them with their own.



If you want extraordinary things then you need to be willing to take other people’s advice with a grain of salt.

Talk to people who get it and don’t let anyone crush your dreams.

They’re your desires for a reason- you’re meant to have them.

You need to trust yourself!

It’s not always easy to do but like anything, it does get easier the more you do it.

Start with small things. Then expand from there.

When you start to see the magic that can happen in your life if you stop letting your head get in the way, you’ll see how powerful you really are.

You can make your dreams a reality so go for them! Just be open to doing things differently to what you’d expect in order to get there.

“Dare to dream it into being without reason or logic, and it shall be there free from reason or logic. You call it magic, we know it as creation.”

If you’d like some help with getting your dream body, feel free to reach out here.